Frequently Asked Questions

Please Note: The below FAQ relates to the 2022 Exhibit.  Moving forward we will update the FAQ as announcements are made regarding the 2024 exhibit.

Event Ticketing

  • Can I buy Tickets at the Door? At this time we are hoping to have tickets available at the door, but cannot guarantee it. We are limited by fire-marshal-approved capacity. If you do not have tickets for Saturday plan to come in the afternoon. As of 10/13 tickets are still available for Sunday.
  • Are tickets transferrable? Yes! Your electronic tickets can be emailed to others as a PDF or sent to an Apple Wallet. Click on the "View Order" button of your confirmation email to use these features.
  • I made a $250+ donation, where are my tickets? Tickets issued to donors have to be completed manually, please allow us a few days to send them to you. 
  • Do vendors and exhibitors need to purchase day or weekend passes to attend the Expo?
    No. Vendors and exhibitors will receive weekend passes when they register at the venue. Exhibitors will receive one weekend pass per accepted entry. Vendors will notify the organizers how many passes they'll need ahead of the event.
  • Do volunteers need to purchase day or weekend passes to attend the Expo?

    Volunteers who work a 4-hour shift will receive a free day pass for either Saturday or Sunday. (please note that this policy is subject to change but our intention is to honor volunteer assistance no matter what!)

  • Do children need a ticket to attend the show? No. Children, age 16 and under do not require a ticket when accompanying an adult with a valid ticket. Unaccompanied children are not allowed. 


  • Do vendors and exhibitors need to purchase banquet tickets if they wish to attend the banquet?
  • Do children need to purchase tickets if they wish to attend the banquet?
    Yes. Young children or infants that do not require place settings will not need banquet tickets.


  • Is free parking available at the venue?
    Yes. However there is limited capacity - about 280 spots. Since we are anticipating 1,000 visitors per day, if possible, plan to drive with a friend or use a ride sharing service.  
  • What can I do if the parking lots are full? We are running a free shuttle bus from the Hyatt House/Emeryville Public Market to the venue. Find available parking near this location and take the shuttle.
  • Will food be available for purchase at the venue?
    No. We encourage you to bring your own food or plan to go to any of the nearby restaurants in Emeryville for food. 
  • Can I bike or walk to the venue?  Yes! Check this video for a look at the Bay Bridge trail which runs from Emeryville to the venue. There are also bike lanes and a sidewalk on Burma road.
  • Is photography allowed at the event?
    Yes! We encourage you to take photographs at the event while taking care to be courteous towards other visitors. Tripod photography is not allowed. 
  • Are directions available for the venue?
    Yes, see Plan Your Visit for details.
  • Is there a designated hotel where I should stay nearby? We have recommended The Hyatt House Emmeryville as the primary hotel, but there is no reserved block of rooms. Please refer to the Plan Your Visit page for more information.


  • Is there a list of vendors who will be attending the event?
    Yes, they are noted on the Vendor Page.


  • When do I need to bring my tree to the venue?
    Early Thursday if possible, 10:00 a.m. Friday at the latest. Trees that arrive later may not be photographed for the show book.
    We're currently working on the exhibitor welcome package and will share all details related to your submission as soon as it's available.