Thanks to all of our superstar volunteers!

Our volunteers were responsible for ensuring your visit to the Expo went smoothly.  We think they did a great job. Here is the team that made the Expo happen.

Volunteer Coordinator: Helen Klee

Graphic Design, Book & Program Production: Alexander Hoffman, Bob King

Marketing: Dory Schrader

Backdrops: Jay McDonald

Vendors: staff

Facilities Coordinator: tbd

Front Desk: tbd

Audio/Visual: tbd

Banquet: tbd

Exhibit: tbd

Photography: Vince Smith, Aki Yamakawa, David Fenton

Judging: Dan Yamins

Awards: tbd

Docents: tbd

Volunteers: tbd

We also want to make a special thank you to our venue managers, Nathaniel Cornejo and Sarah Appel, for coordinating all venue-related aspects of the event from set-up, to security, to parking as well as overall venue management. Thanks, Nathaniel and Sarah!



Volunteer Positions for the 2026 Expo

  • Submissions Coordinator: maintain submission metadata and manage communications with submitters (Gmail, Google Sheets)
  • Jury Coordinator: edit submission photographs and maintain jury environment (Google Sheets, Trello, photo editing software)
  • Vendor Coordinator: maintain vendor metadata and manage communications with vendors (Gmail, Google Sheets)